Meet Our Clinicians

Hi there! We are Ginny Sievers Green and Abby Master, the founders and co-directors of Elevate Wellness. We are so glad you are here!

Ginny Sievers Green || She is an occupational therapist by trade, and is driven by a strong passion to continually increase her own wellness in her life and in the life of others. She’s an energetic and dedicated wife, mother, pug mom, triathlete, yogi, wellness book geek, wellness coach, friend to many, quinoa bowl enthusiast, craft lover, and Grey’s Anatomy fan.

A native of the Madison, Wisconsin area, Ginny earned her master’s degree in occupational therapy (OT) at the University of Southern California. It was there that she was introduced to wellness as a career option. She fell in love and decided to pursue her clinical doctorate in OT in wellness and prevention with a specialty in program development. While earning her doctorate, Ginny developed a program for smoking cessation and implemented additional Lifestyle Redesign® programs, such as weight management and life coaching for college students. From then on, wellness would forever be an integral part of her professional career.

After moving to Colorado, Ginny put her wellness expertise to work by creating a cardiac wellness program for patients at her sub-acute rehabilitation facility and by implementing a weekly wellness class. After four years in Colorado, Ginny decided to return to the Midwest and moved to Minneapolis.  She is now pursuing her passion for working with teens and young adults. Building strong relationships with her clients, Ginny helps them achieve life satisfaction through active goal setting in their desired wellness areas.

Ginny believes children, teens and young adults deserve to have the confidence and contentment that comes through physical activity, eating well, good sleep hygiene, and time and stress management.  These healthy habits help kids lead well-balanced  and fulfilling lives.

Abby Master|| A speech therapist by trade, but a woman centered in her passion to find wellness in her life and share it with others. She’s a strong, determined wife, mom, gym owner, group fitness instructor, reading nerd of all things brain, social cognition coach, devoted friend, veggie lover, and occasional pizza enthusiast.

Abby is a small town girl who received her masters in science for communication sciences and disorders from the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. She set out for a career helping young adults who experienced traumatic brain injuries. Loving the amazing design of the human brain and how it is intrinsically designed to help us succeed in any goal, Abby was introduced to another world to put her passion to work. After working with adults for 2 years, she transitioned to working with teens with high level social cognition challenges and/or anxiety. She latched on….

She logged as many hours as she could learning and teaching her clients how to navigate the difficult social world and increase their realistic thinking through strategies provided to us by the brain. She received her clinical training certificate from Social Thinking ™ and later presented at the Social Thinking ™ Providers Conference in 2015.

She believes all teens and young adults deserve the privilege of living their high school and college years with a positive mindset. All teens and adults deserve the feeling of endless hope, limitless possibilities, and social acceptance. Starting with the brain and positive thinking, a satisfied life can be achieved.

Ginny and Abby’s Worlds Collide…

Ginny and Abby met through their teen clients who had average to high cognition but were experiencing challenges navigating a teen life. Their clients desired to be positive thinkers and incorporate aspects of wellness, but they needed coaching to learn strategies to achieve their goals.  By helping these teens increase their awareness about why positive thinking and wellness are so important, and then helping them learn strategies to improve in these areas, Ginny and Abby saw an increase in life satisfaction, connectedness to peers, family involvement, and academic success.

Positive thinking, wellness, and mindfulness can be difficult for teens and young adults. The external pressure from peers and media make it increasingly difficult to live a fulfilled life.

Our goal is to equip pre-teens, teens and young adults with strategies to build resilience in the face of these challenges, so we paired principles of social cognition, wellness, yoga, and mindfulness to create programs, retreats, and individual sessions tailored to each group and client.


Courtney Fischer||

She is an occupational therapist by trade who is passionate about exploring her wellness path, as well as helping others find and navigate their own wellness journey. She is a committed and driven wife, dog lover, bookworm, DIY fan, amateur gardener, yard/board gamer, and outdoor enthusiast who enjoys spending as much time with family as possible.

Courtney grew up on a small farm in New Ulm, Minnesota. She earned her B.S. in Child Psychology and her Master of Occupational Therapy at the University of Minnesota. While working toward her degrees, Courtney became interested in considering people as a whole in healthcare, including the interactions between physical and mental health within one environment. She has worked with youth and adults in many stages and phases of life through community programs, outpatient mental health, inpatient acute care, and outpatient pediatric therapy. Courtney enjoys helping clients find ways to implement wellness strategies and positive thinking into their daily lives.

Courtney believes that all youth deserve to experience comfort and a healthy well-being. She believes that all people have the ability to create growth within themselves and should be empowered to design an individualized healthy lifestyle that promotes positive thinking. Courtney Bio Pic

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