Participants can join us at meet-up events; promoting empowerment, positive thinking and increased life satisfaction.

  • 5K: Participating in a 5K is a fantastic opportunity for empowerment and camaraderie, while getting some physical activity! All abilities and levels are welcome. Many past participants joined the group to complete their first 5K. We will facilitate the use of strategies prior to and throughout the 5K to encourage positive thinking and motivation. Participants inspire and push one another throughout the event. 5K’s are empowering and provide a great feeling of accomplishment.
  • Volunteering: Research shows that volunteering not only benefits the community, but the volunteer as well. Making a different in the world is empowering and boosts self-esteem. Volunteering is a great way to expose teens to different types of people and provide them with new perspectives on the world they live in. By participating, teens also gain an increased awareness of the needs in their community/world and gain hands-on experience. Helping others in greater need is an opportunity to improve personal hope. After participating, discussions are facilitated to encourage reflection about their experience, how they benefited, what they learned, and how to carry over this experience to their day-to-day life. Volunteering is a testament to character and moral development.
  • Fun workouts: In order to encourage incorporating physical activity into the daily lives of our participants, we offer occasional fun workout meet-up opportunities. We offer varying types of workouts, such as barre-influenced, high intensity interval training, kickboxing, jogging and playing active games.

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