Wellness and Empowerment Program for Girls

Middle school and high school can pose a unique set of challenges for teenage girls. As girls undergo physical and emotional changes, two of the most common challenges they face are struggles with social relationships and difficulties with personal wellness including sleep issues, life balance, food choices, and physical activity. The Wellness and Empowerment Program for Girls is designed to help girls navigate through this often-difficult time by providing a group setting that is interactive, fun and safe.

This 9-week program teaches research-driven strategies to combat toxic thinking and negative influences while increasing their resiliency, self-confidence, positive thinking, overall wellness and life satisfaction.

This program offers:

  • Strategies for positive thinking and mindfulness
  • Strategies to build resiliency and self-confidence
  • Education and strategies for improved wellness, including life balance, stress management, sleep habits, exercise, food choices and time management
  • Education and practice of a variety of relaxation and mindfulness strategies. This includes time during each session for yoga and art projects
  • Long term and short term goal setting sessions. Throughout the program, weekly goal setting is conducted to work toward achieving long term social, emotional and wellness goals
  • Social support, mentorship and friendship building with other girls experiencing similar challenges
  • Increased overall life satisfaction and well-being


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