Testimonials + Reviews

“My daughter has a new perspective on her anxiety and thoughts. She is not on meds! She is handling herself at counseling and your class!”
– Mom of 16-year-old participant

“This is a must have! It should be a requirement in school. So many people are stressed out in school, but I learned it’s not over when one thing goes wrong. I know how to get over it!” – Ashley, 15-year-old participant

“I always left class feeling 12 times better.” -Ashley, 17-year old participant

Ashley 1

 “She is more invested in her own wellness and spends less time on Netflix!” – Mom of participant

“I learned I need to feel good about myself first. Then I’ll do the other stuff.” – Mattie, 16-year-old participant

“I appreciate all you’ve taught me, I will actually use this in my life : )” – 15-year-old participant

“She is gaining confidence and has obtained a part time job! She was nervous about the interview, but handled it! A year ago this would not have been possible!” – Mom of participant

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