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Elevate Wellness@Work

Employee wellness is critical for businesses, large and small. Elevate Wellness@Work serves businesses in the Brainerd Lakes community by offering programs and tools that empower employees to make wellness a priority. Employee wellness is more than a “perk”; it is a an essential benefit and critical component to any business plan. Employee wellness programs lead to a more positive work environment, increased productivity, improved employee attendance engagement. Employee wellness programs are a simple and cost effective way for businesses to recruit qualified employees and reduce turnover.

Elevate Wellness@Work offers:

  • Employee wellness program consultation
  • On-site employee wellness workshops that include: 3D body scans, metabolic analysis, personalized nutrition and work out plans, mini wellness experience (oxygen bar, compression, whole body vibration, chair massage, meditation, wellness products)
  • Employee wellness policy language
  • Employee wellness surveys
  • Tailored wellness programs
  • Wellness committee formation and management
  • Expert review of existing employee wellness policy/program and employee assistance programs, recommend updates and ensure legal compliance
  • Expert review of group health plans and insurance requirements for wellness program incentives
  • Wellness resources/expert contact list

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  • 15133 Edgewood Drive Suite 330,
    Baxter, MN 56425, USA
  • info@elevatewellnessmn.com
  • + 1 218 579 9500