Fall Retreat 2016

November 5       9:00am – 12:30pm

Being Mindful in your Everyday (Stress Management and Mindfulness) 

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All high school-aged girls welcome!

Our mission is to help teens navigate life’s challenges for increased life satisfaction to help them socially and academically.  The modern day teenager has increasing stressors, pressures, and expectations placed on them every day.  This retreat is for busy teenagers to incorporate healthy choices and mindfulness into their daily life.

This retreat will include:

    • Strategies for positive thinking, mindfulness, and stress management
    • Fun and challenging 20 minute workout
    • Strategies to build resiliency and self-confidence
    • Application and interactive activities
    • Goal setting to achieve carryover into daily routine
    • Social support, mentorship and friendship building with other teenage girls
    • Increased overall life satisfaction and well-being

Location: The Commons, 14451 Hwy 7, Minnetonka, MN

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