Social Cognition/Positive Thinking

Social cognition is important for kids and teens to not only make meaningful connections, but also flourish academically.  Social cognition targets friendships and relationships with teachers and peers, however, social cognition also helps clients in their academic settings. School is loaded with social opportunities; group work, perspective taking in literature, author perspective, written expression…etc.

Elevate Wellness provides social learning through individual and groups by digging deep into the why of social.  Helping clients navigate the nuances of the social world.  These kids are often mistaken as shy, behavioral, inflexible, or clueless.  Through a cognitive-behavioral approach, clients can learn what to look for and how to adapt quickly to various social situations.

Social cognition is also appropriate for kids and teens who have a “hyper-radar” and become anxious with peers.  Through a strength-based approach and concrete frameworks, clients begin to learn strategies to feel more confident with peers and consequently increase meaningful connections.

Social cognition and positive thinking services incorporate:

  • Increasing cognitive flexibility
  • Frameworks to quickly attend and adapt to various social situations
  • Perspective taking
  • Providing education and assistance with implementation of strategies for positive thinking and mindfulness
  • Promoting use of strategies to build resiliency and self-confidence
  • Assisting clients to meet social goals, such as positively connect with others and improve personal relationships in order to increase life satisfaction

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