Fall 2017

Fall workshops will be held through local West Metro community education programs, one class per week for four consecutive weeks. Fall workshops in 2017 are currently offered to middle school-aged girls. Please see below for more information.

Don’t fit the demographic for fall workshops? Contact us about individual services.

Being Mindful in Your Everyday

Want to start the school year off right? This class assists middle school-aged girls in navigating the school year with better strategies in place to manage stress. Our mission is to help girls navigate life’s challenges, socially and academically, and to achieve increased life satisfaction. The modern day middle school-aged girl has increasing stressors, pressures, and expectations placed on her every day. This class will help them incorporate healthy choices and mindfulness into their daily life.

This class will include:
  • Strategies for positive thinking, mindfulness, and stress management
  • Fun and challenging physical activity
  • Strategies to build resiliency and self-confidence
  • Interactive activities and use of strategies
  • Goal setting to achieve carryover into daily routine
  • Social support, mentorship and friendship building with peers
  • Increased overall life satisfaction and well-being


Orono Community Education: Tuesday afternoons 2:45-4:00, Sept 19-Oct 10 (link coming soon)

Minnetonka Community Education: 

                     MME: Tuesday mornings 7:45-9:00, Sept 12- Oct 3 (link coming soon)

                     MMW: Thursday mornings 7:45-9:00, Sept 14- Oct 5 (link coming soon)

Eden Prairie Community Education: Monday afternoons 2:15- 3:30, Sept 18-October 9 (link coming soon)

Waconia Community Education: Thursday afternoons 3:00-4:15, Sept 11-Oct 2 (link coming soon)